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Concept Therapy

Concept Therapy Classes

Concept Therapy was on the cutting edge when it was created in the 1940’s because it explained and coordinated the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of man. It is a very practical approach to understanding how to be your best self.

Today fantastic discoveries are being made about the power of the mind and Concept Therapy explains the foundation of how to translate cutting edge science into your personal health, happiness and success. Concept Therapy is also a correlation of age old principles and laws that have been taught throughout the history of mankind. People who dare to think for themselves are facing a new age of freedom. When one has the ” know-how” to release Your Real Self and use your unique special talents, you get a fresh new perspective on life. DISCOVERY consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and THINKING something different.

Drs. Jack & Jackie present starter and advanced classes several times throughout the year.

For schedule and fee information, contact us at (414) 529-5370 to learn more!

Learn more about Concept Therapy from Greenfield chiropractors Drs. Jack and Jackie today!