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Meet Drs. Jack and Jackie Masche

{PRACTICE NAME} Chiropractors. Dr. MascheGreenfield chiropractors, Drs. Jack and Jackie Masche are both native Milwaukeeans and graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic. The two have been dedicated to helping Greenfield families enjoy greater health through living a natural lifestyle.

Dr. Jack’s Personal Road to Good Health

“Chiropractic really helped me when I got out of the service back in 1970,” said Dr. Jack, who met Dr. Jackie around that time. A host of health problems such as allergies and back issues with sciatica prompted Dr. Jack to see a chiropractor after he decided he didn’t want to get surgery that an orthopaedic suggested. At that time, Dr. Jack didn’t know what chiropractic was, but knew he didn’t want to go through with the surgery at only 24 years old.

Successful chiropractic treatments helped to get him healthy. Dr. Jack even started running marathons. Dr. Jack also became a patient of Dr. Jackie’s for about four years. As a student at Palmer, Dr. Jack learned that the body is capable of healing itself. You just have to get it to the right state to get it back to normal.

The Daughter of a Chiropractor

Dr. Jackie has been a chiropractor for more than 40 years. She worked for her father, who also was a chiropractor. She is passionate about the health and welfare of pregnant moms and childrenUsing a holistic approach to health, Dr. Jackie enjoys helping her patients become their better selves.

Professional Affiliations and Certifications

Drs. Jack and Jackie are members of the following:

They are also certified in nutrition, and are the Administrative Officers for Citizens for Free Choice in Immunization.

When they’re not working, Drs. Jack and Jackie do Pilates to stay young. They also read, practice healthy eating and work with their daughter, who manages their East Side Pilates studio. They also enjoy spending time in their home and working in the garden. “We enjoy life simply,” says Dr. Jack.

Call (414) 529-5370 to find out how Drs. Jack and Jackie take a holistic approach to helping you get healthy!