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Nutrition Guidance in Greenfield

Poor nutrition can result in feeling sluggish, getting sick more frequently, gaining weight and raising your risk for heart disease. Dr. Jackie offers coaching in low-glycemic eating to help people enhance their health.

A lot of people have problems with blood sugar, digestive issues and other health issues that require nutritional support. To address this need, Dr. Jackie, who is certified in low-glycemic eating coaching, offers her patients low-glycemic courses.

Better Health with Low-Glycemic Education

Greenfield Chiropractors

Dr. Jackie offers low-glycemic eating education courses.

Participants can choose from either a 5-week course or a 12-week course. The 5-week low-glycemic education course offers basic instruction on how to create a low-glycemic lifestyle. The 12-week course offers individuals more enhanced, in-depth instruction.

Dr. Jackie’s courses address the following:

  • How to identify low-glycemic foods
  • Food quantities
  • The kinds of fruits and vegetables that are low glycemic
  • Eating patterns
  • Dairy or gluten intolerance
  • How to incorporate the new diet into at-home or dining-out meals

Dr. Jackie enjoys the educational process of teaching people how to eat properly. She wants to help course participants enhance their overall health in a way that’s simple and logical.

Masche Chiropractic Health Center also offers nutrition products at Select the Health and Nutrition tab to shop for a variety of health supplements.

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Nutrition Guidance for Greenfield, Hales Corners & Greendale