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About Masche Chiropractic Health Center

“We want to help people move on to a better state of health — physically and mentally.”

Greenfield Chiropractor

Welcome to Masche Chiropractic Health Center!

Since 1982, Dr. Jack Masche has been committed to helping people change their lifestyles so they can get better without drugs or surgery using a holistic approach.

He has been working in his current Greenfield location since 1991.

Offering Hope Through Holistic Health

Our practice philosophy is to look at each individual from a holistic point of view. We take into account the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our patients’ lives. Whether they are experiencing physical or mental stress, we always try to offer hope and help in each part of their lives.

Waiting Room

Masche Chiropractic Health Center Waiting Room


Family and Wellness Care

We want everyone in our local communities to be as healthy as possible. To help them become healthier, we try to determine if they are deficient in areas such as diet and rest. Asking the right questions about problems patients are having helps us to formulate an effective treatment plan.

Whether we’re helping children maintain wellness or individuals who have work-related injuries or were involved in automobile accidents, we have the exact care you need.

At Masche Chiropractic Health Center we determine the best treatment plan to help you get better and feel better!

Restoring Vitality — Naturally and Safely

Is your body out of balance? We can help identify the interference in a patient’s vitality and restore function through natural and safe methods. There are many causes for health problems such as poisons, trauma, negative thinking and living a stressful lifestyle. Many patients who have experienced the benefits of chiropractic care are interested in using it for a wellness program, as the benefits can be life-long and for all ages.

Ready to move on to a better state of health? Call (414) 529-5370 today to find out how.

About Masche Chiropractic Health Center | (414) 529-5370