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Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy

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Massage Therapy

If aches and pains are preventing you from doing the activities that you love, consider massage therapy as part of your overall wellness plan. We can help transport you to tranquility with our relaxing, spa-like environment.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy are many. Regular massage can increase relaxation, reduce stress, increase blood flow, cut healing time and even reduce blood pressure. It has also stimulated immune function, which can mean less allergies, colds, and flu. We have found massage to be a great compliment to our practice.

10 Reasons Why Massage is Beneficial:

  1. Calms your nervous system and relaxes your muscles.
  2. Wipes away fatigue and re-energizes you.
  3. Breaks up scar tissue and reduces fibrosis and adhesions from injuries.
  4. Improves blood flow to all your organs-including your heart and brain-helping them to function better.
  5. Soothes many types of pain.
  6. Relieves chronic inflammation by stimulating lymphatic circulation-great for arthritis suffers too.
  7. Increases blood flow through rebuilding, strengthening and helping muscles to work more efficiently.
  8. Strengthens the muscular contractions of your digestive system, which aids in bowel movements and the elimination of toxins from your body.
  9. Stimulates the release of brain chemicals that lift your mood and stimulates your immune system.
  10. Increases natural endorphins that enhance your health.

Masche Chiropractic Health Center offers the following types of massage.

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Parafin treatment for feet and hands
  • Ear Candling

Rehabilitation Therapy

Our Certified Rehabilitation Specialist also offers an individual rehabilitation program for active seniors and helps with weak, imbalanced or injured muscles and joints. We have two programs from which to chose:

If you have supplemental insurance and medicare, your supplement will pay for you exercise training. Rehabilitation services are also covered by Workman’s Comp and personal injury insurance. You do not have to be under chiropractic care to utilize this service.

Our excellent, certified instructor, Jesse Masche, is ready to help you reach your goals.

Whether you’re a chiropractic patient at Masche Chiropractic Health Center or not, you can benefit from massage or rehabilitative therapy.

Massage and Rehab Therapists in Greenfield, WI